Baby Face 4D Ultrasound: Your Ultimate Guide

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There’s nothing like snuggling your newborn close to your chest straight after birth. But Baby Face 4D Ultrasound on 56th Street in Indianapolis sure comes close. This center presents a home-like atmosphere and stylish purple decor. See your baby’s fingers, toes, feet, and face before they’re born! Their comfortable beds and caring team members make you feel right at home. Before you go, look at the comparison photos of the 4D ultrasound and the babies as newborns. If you’re looking for something to do during your pregnancy to help connect you and other family members to the new baby, I recommend booking a private scan!


About Baby Face 4D Ultrasound

At The Baby Face Place, every package includes 2D, 3D, 4D, and HD live viewing. Other centers in the Indianapolis area only offer HD live viewing as an add-on. Packages from Baby Face include an early 14-week peek, a 15-24 week gender peek, and 25 weeks and beyond peek. If you have young children, the heartbeat stuffed animals are the perfect way to introduce them to your new addition. 

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Reviewers note that staff are friendly, take ample time with the appointment, answer questions, and are accommodating. Baby Face 4D Ultrasound may offer the ability to reschedule and come back if your baby is feeling a bit uncooperative during your appointment. The early peek includes any ultrasound scheduled from 0-14 weeks with the ability to view your tiny peanut and hear the heartbeat if applicable. The gender peek will include any ultrasound within 15-24 weeks of pregnancy. From 25 weeks and beyond, this is the best time to view your baby’s face, fingers, and feet.  DVDs of your appointment are very reasonably priced. Baby Face even allows you to video chat during your appointment with close family members or friends who can’t be there in person! 



With their special gift package, you view your baby at two ultrasound sessions and take home a heartbeat animal along with a media drive and plenty of prints! Other items available to take home can include albums, magnets, DVDs with music set to the recording, framed prints, keychains, and heartbeat animals that come with your baby’s recorded heartbeat. Several moms praise Nikki for being welcoming, caring, and providing a bit of magic and joy to their pregnancy.

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Baby Face 4D Ultrasound

Whether your baby is asleep or awake, you are all but guaranteed to get beautiful images from Baby Face 4D Ultrasound, an Indianapolis ultrasound center. Be sure to save these special prints for after your baby arrives to compare! My favorite part of my ultrasounds was comparing how they slept and folded their hands. Don’t be surprised if you recognize your newborn’s movements and sleepy faces when they arrive. Private ultrasounds are a fantastic way to get dads and siblings involved before the baby arrives.


I’m Diana Ratcliff, a luxury Indianapolis family and motherhood photographer specializing in maternity, newborn, and family portraits. I provide high-end products like framed prints and albums to all my clients. There’s something special and luxurious about having museum-quality products on display in your home. I also provide full collections of hand-edited digital image files. Connect with me today to discuss your portrait needs.


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