Carmel Clay Waterpark- Everything You Need for a Day of Fun

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Carmel Clay Waterpark, or “The Waterpark” brought to you by Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation is located on Central Park Drive East in Carmel, Indiana. They offer a host of amenities like adventure slides, cabanas, concessions, a surf machine known as “FlowRider®”, a kiddie pool, a lap pool, a lazy river, a plunge slide, and a rock climbing wall known as “AquaClimb®”. The Waterpark offers something for all ages, sizes, and abilities. They tout upwards of 98K visitors in the past year and offer day and season passes with their opening and closing dates held respectively at the end of May through the beginning of August. For residents of Carmel, Indiana who hold proper ID, The Waterpark offers a discount on admissions.


Unlike most public pools, the current message from The Waterpark is that you are allowed to bring in outside food! For parents who have children with special dietary requirements or for those who prefer to offer organic and dye-free treats, this is a godsend. They do note that they are designated spaces within the park for food brought in from outside to be consumed.

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About Carmel Clay Waterpark

The Waterpark offers a full day of fun and quality customer service. Customers rave about the amazing water features, often highlighting the kiddie and big kid pool areas. The lap and activity pool offers areas to swim, dive, splash, jump, and slide. It’s the largest area of The Waterpark, boasting a 25-meter lap pool that goes up to 5’3” in depth. For children who are under 48” and unable to take advantage of the larger slides, the lap and activity pool lets them climb a 30′ structure that has two big kid slides, sprayers, fountains, and waterfalls!



If you’re going to be there all day with a larger crowd or your team of children, the cabanas are available for rent and fit 6-8 guests and include a ceiling fan, electrical outlets, a small locker, and a mini fridge. The Concessions Center presents a full line of reasonably-priced items such as hotdogs, hamburgers, ice creams and treats, nachos, popcorn, soft pretzels, and plenty of refreshing beverages. Did you forget something at home? No worries! They also offer sunscreen, swim diapers, and more available for purchase. As an added benefit, they have a beautiful graphic map on their website, clearly marking all the areas for fun!



For all members of your family– The Waterpark features a lazy river. The lazy river is top of the list for most guests so if it’s also on yours, be sure to get there early to grab a tube. The ride is ⅛ mile long and you’ll twist and turn through the middle of the park while enjoying sprays and splashes every so often. Keep hydrated! The Kiddie Pool is made specifically for children under 48” and offers an accessible zero-depth entry. I know, for me, my little ones were always apprehensive at the start of the season and the zero entry was a lifesaver as they got acclimated. In the kiddie area, you’ll find sprayers, fountains, a large structure easily accessible for littles who can walk, as well as a sprayer feature by the zero entry.


For the big kids and parents, The Waterpark features two water slides, FlowRider®, Plunge Slide, and The Wall®. The two water slides both offer an exhilarating twisty-turny ride down to the pool but have their differences. The red slide is partially enclosed and offers the ability to see where you’re going. The blue slide is fully enclosed and you’ll need a tube for this one! The FlowRider® is a surf machine that provides waves rushing toward you at 30 mph! For this ride, you can choose to surf or boogie board. The plunge slide is a large drop and the slide is cut in half. It’s located in the depths (12’3”) next to The Wall®. The Aqua Climb Wall® is meant to be scaled as it’s a rock climbing wall but beware- it is also located in the deeper end of the pool and you should be a strong swimmer.

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Carmel Clay Waterpark

Are you excited to visit Carmel Clay Waterpark yet? I know I am! I have littles and bigs of all ages in my family and I know I’ve highlighted something for everyone to enjoy. Though we have a pool at home, not even that can beat the thrill and exhilaration of a waterpark. And in Indiana, no doubt. I’m most excited to try out the lazy river. I’m sure I could stay there all day long while my wild bunch ran from activity to activity. What about you? Do you lounge or do you like to be in the action? Grab your sunscreen, towels, goggles, and let’s go!


While you’re looking at this adventurous activity, I’m wondering if you’ve ever considered an adventure for your family portraits. Sometimes, that means visiting my favorite park where I’ll “WOW” your little ones with an adventure through the “jungle”. I take them and search for their favorite animals- whether that be a cheetah, a frog, or a lion. Sometimes we search for fish in the water or a shark! While this is all pretend, it’s what I do to help keep your little ones active and it always works. I’m the photographer for you. Let’s connect!


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