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When your family needs a pediatric dentist, you need Fishers Pediatric Dentistry. You need someone you can trust to provide excellent care for your child/ren. A pediatric dentist has specific training on how to provide excellent and comprehensive care for infants and children.  Pediatric dentists complete a minimum of two more years of training on top of their general dentistry training. For your child who might require a softer touch, who has special needs, or who is considered medically complex- a pediatric dentist is what you need. Pediatric dentists are trained to understand the still-developing and smaller mouth of a child. 


When you walk into Fishers pediatric dentistry, you’ll see a warm, welcoming staff member at the front desk. The capable receptionist will usher you into the waiting room that is full of wonder, excitement, and inviting beach scenery. As you wait, play a fun game of “I Spy” as you take in the mural surrounding the area. Sit in fun Adirondack chairs and pretend to be on a relaxing beach vacation. Just to the side, a small niche is available for your older child to sit and play video games until they are ready to call you back. A beach hut will call your little adventurer’s name.

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About Fishers Pediatric Dentistry

Each treatment space continues the beach mural. Will you visit the jungle? Watch for the snakes on the wall! Will you head to the boardwalk where a small boat awaits? Fist bump or high five Dr. Ana Vasquez and Dr. Misti Pratt, co-owners of Fishers Pediatric Dentistry. And I can’t forget to mention Pearly, the resident therapy dog available for children who need an extra helping hand during their appointment. Younger children go to a special large bay area where chairs look like boats. Children in need of a more one-on-one sensory experience at the pediatric dentist are led to an intimate room with the ability to control important elements like sound and lighting.


If your child has had a cavity-free visit, don’t skip the Selfie Station where they can proudly hold up a board and let all their loved ones know how hard they’ve worked! The bright, vibrant, and beachy vibes will surely have your littles relaxed and ready for their visit in no time. Fishers Pediatric Dentistry is proud to take additional steps to mitigate the spread of illness at its center. Parents are welcome to keep their children company during their visit, rather than stay in the waiting room like a lot of pediatric offices in the Indy area.

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Both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommend each child visit the dentist by the time they have their first birthday. Think of it as a well-baby visit for their mouth! Generally, this is when your pediatrician will ask about their first visit and a part of their yearly well-check will include questions about your child’s oral health. 


At your child’s first visit, your hygienist at Fisher Pediatric Dentistry will do an oral exam, take your child’s medical history, and review oral hygiene with you, their parent. Their teeth will be cleaned and examined by the pediatric dentist.

Fishers Pediatric Dentistry is passionate and committed to ensuring your child has excellent oral health. They regularly provide services like x-rays, preventative care, sedation, anesthetic, fillings, crowns, extractions, and spacers to support that goal. They highly recommend allowing your child to be an enthusiastic, consenting party in their oral health. For some, this may look like allowing your child to choose whether that be the toothpaste flavor, or how they sit.. For others, it can look like their parent being stress-free and relaxed as they’re examined or bringing along their favorite stuffed creature to love on when they get a bit panicked. This pediatric dentistry center in Fishers, Indiana lists out ways you can support your little love on this big adventure.



Fishers Pediatric Dentistry offers routine preventative care such as cleanings, fluoride, sealants, and an education on oral health for every “well” appointment. Following simple, healthy oral protocols can go a long way toward your child’s overall health and wellness. When it comes time for a filling, crown, pulpotomy, or extraction- this dentistry center in Fishers, Indiana will use a combination of topical anesthetic, a numbing injection, and nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to prepare your child. From a parent who has a child who adores the piggy nose of sweet-smelling strawberry gas for her past procedures, I say don’t skip the nitrous oxide. 


The team at this office encourages parents to not feel any shame or guilt about cavities or a larger issue. After all, dentists’ children get cavities all the time. Sometimes it has nothing to do with proper hygiene and dental care. It sometimes has everything to do with genetics. Your child might require more sedation than normal for procedures. If that becomes the case, Fishers Pediatric Dentistry also offers conscious sedation and general anesthesia at a local hospital. 


Find multiple quick suggestions for care at home until an appointment can be set. Guidelines for what does and doesn’t constitute an emergency are listed on their site. Learn what might require in-office care and what can be easily and best cared for at home. 

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Fishers Pediatric Dentistry


You can find Fishers Pediatric Dentistry located near I-69 and 116th Street directly behind my favorite place, Super Target. They truly do care about your child and for you as their parent, offering special “Happy Visits”. These visits help those with dental anxiety or other specialized healthcare needs to become acquainted with their offices. They offer up a free resource, a map of an island adventure. Your child will know the exact procedures they do and what order they go in. Be proactive before your appointment. Fishers Pediatric Dentistry presents a list of tips for your child who has special dental needs.


Now that your littles have their teeth all clean and are beaming their best smile, it’s time to consider a local Indianapolis family photographer to capture it. I offer a unique experience to the Indy area for families with young children. I have worked with young children for over 20 years and have four of my own. When it comes to allowing your children to relax and be their best selves, no photographer can do that quite like I can. I’d love to be your next family photographer. Let’s connect and chat about how I stand out from the crowd!


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