Why Sacred Roots Midwifery is a Top Indianapolis Birthing Center!

A mother to be holds her bump while standing by a window in a studio in a white lace maternity gown

Over the years, we’ve become pretty copy-and-paste with childbirth. While the advances in the medical field have made childbirth undoubtedly safer, it can often feel like we’re cut out of the equation entirely. But let’s be real. Nobody knows your body better than you! You know that what might work for someone else might not be the best thing for you. You should have the loudest voice when it comes to your labor. This is why I’m all for birth centers. These centers were founded to let you take control of your delivery. If you’ve been looking for an Indianapolis birthing center, I would love to tell you all about Sacred Roots Midwifery. This fantastic place gives you back your voice. 

About Sacred Roots MidwiferyAn Indianapolis Birthing Center

Nurse midwife Angela Lyttle founded Sacred Roots Midwifery to give women options regarding their labor. Angela is a big believer in educating parents so that they can make the best decisions for their families. She knows that when women are empowered, they’re at their best. Angela is joined by three nurse midwives as well as three birth assistants. 

The evidence-based center welcomes low-risk patients to receive exceptional care from the first weeks of pregnancy. They’ve strived to make the center feel like a home away from home for their clients. Sacred Roots is inclusive and treats every client with the respect they deserve. They have two different Indianapolis locations, so you’re never too far away from their care. 

A mom to be looks down at her exposed bump while standing by a window in a white lace maternity gown indianapolis birthing center


At Sacred Roots Midwifery, you’ll be paired with a midwife who wants to be your biggest advocate. During your appointments, she’ll make sure you’re progressing healthily. These appointments are unrushed, so you can ask questions and learn more about what to expect from labor. You’ll create a birth plan with her and receive an education so you can make informed decisions. You’ll have 24/7 access to get help with any questions or concerns. 

Once it’s time to deliver, you’ll labor in one of their comfortable rooms. You can move around, eat, and labor how you see fit. The center offers nitrous oxide, birthing balls, and jetted birthing tubs. Once your baby arrives, you’ll spend a few hours ensuring you’re set up for success before going home. You’ll have a few postpartum appointments to ensure both you and your baby are on the road to recovery. 

A mother to be stands in a studio by a window in a white lace maternity gown indianapolis birthing center


Sacred Roots Midwifery provides breastfeeding support after your baby is born. You can troubleshoot any lactation issues with a midwife so you can feed your baby how you prefer. 

Your care at the center doesn’t have to stop once your baby is born. Sacred Roots Midwifery offers well-woman visits in the comfort of their office. You can receive regular pap smears, breast exams, and contraceptive health. The office offers nitrous oxide to take any discomfort out of these appointments. 

Indianapolis Birthing Center

If you’re looking for an Indianapolis birthing center that lets you take control of your labor, you’ll love Sacred Roots Midwifery. This excellent birthing center is here to give you back your voice. 

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