Three Incredible Indianapolis Doulas for Your Best Birth

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Indianapolis doulas provide wonderful services to local pregnant clients and their partners. They provide support for laboring patients and their team of clinicians. Whether you have chosen an obstetrician or a midwife, a doula might be a great resource for your labor and delivery. Both obstetricians and midwives are relatively hands-off during your labor, only checking in for vitals and progress. For partners who are either non-existent or who need a break during your labor, doulas will step in and step up to care for you. Choosing to hire a doula will most likely provide you with a more positive experience.

A doula will be your resident cheerleader and birth coach. You also might be under the impression that doulas are primarily for your childbirth experience. However, most doulas offer a robust service menu that can include services like birth, lactation, postpartum, and even doulas for your children who are getting ready to welcome a new sibling. Keep scrolling to see what services four local Indianapolis doulas provide to their clients.

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Indianapolis Doulas Who Provide a Top-Notch Experience

A Caring Doula

TaKeisha Smith, the owner of A Caring Doula in Indianapolis, is a mother of two who is passionate about providing laboring persons with a customized experience. TaKeisha is a certified DONA doula, certified lactation counselor, and is also trained in CPR, aromatherapy, and Hypnobirthing. 


She offers three primary packages for those seeking her services. One package includes prenatal and postpartum services but not the actual birth. The second includes services for only the birth and the third rounds out and includes every service from both of the aforementioned packages. All of her doula offerings include an initial interview, resources for pregnancy, birth plan formulation, non-medical birthing comforts education, a prenatal visit, and communication support (email and text) during your pregnancy. TaKeisha is adamant about providing evidence-based resources for her clients and their families. As a certified lactation counselor, she would be a highly-valued team member for your pregnancy and birthing journey.


Heart & Womb Indy

Briahnna started Heart & Womb in hopes to reach expectant families in need of a support person for their unique birthing experience. Briahnna is passionate about educating her clients on a wide range of topics, ensuring their full consent with each choice made before, during, and after delivery. She is enthusiastic about Hypnobirthing and providing an inclusive space for parents seeking doula services.


Briahnna oversees a team of five doulas, all available for a variety of doula services, both for your childbirth and postpartum experience. Each doula is passionate about providing pregnant patients with confidence and imparting knowledge so they can make the best choices for themselves. Childbirth doulas at Heart & Womb provide services like prenatal visits covering topics like planning for your birth, education on comfort measures, and unlimited support via phone/text/email until 12 weeks postpartum. Birth services include 24-hour on-call availability from 38 weeks of pregnancy until birth as well as full in-person support during your labor and delivery. They offer three postpartum visits covering a 24-48 hour check, a 2-week check, and an 8-week check. 


Their postpartum doula care service offers lactation support, postpartum healing support, newborn care & education, meal preparation and nutrition, light housekeeping, sibling care, and partner education. All packages include a minimum of 6 weeks of postpartum support with two visits per week for a minimum of four hours. Extended support packages of up to 12 weeks of postpartum visits, overnights, and custom per-hour pricing are available. 


Heart & Womb Indy offers local support groups for all individuals, meeting you at every stage. These groups are your answer to any additional needs that might be better met in a group environment. Each group is proudly inclusive of all genders, races, sexual orientations, and belief systems. 


Whole Mama Wellness

Whole Mama Wellness, by Madison Mellencamp, offers a unique solution to the Indianapolis doula market. She describes herself as “a Reiki Therapist, Pre & Postnatal Yoga Teacher, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Birth Doula, and Postpartum Doula.” Madison takes your whole self into account when approaching how to best support you during your birthing journey. She provides holistic care for all those seeking her specialized services. 


Her birthing doula services are available in three packages, with each providing a minimum of two prenatal visits, a postpartum visit, a provider visit, birthing education, birth planning, online breastfeeding class, Hypnobirthing class, unlimited communication via text during pregnancy and postpartum, on-call availability 37+ weeks, access to her library of resources, a reiki session during labor, and photography during birth when requested. Additional services in other packages can include more prenatal visits, guided relaxation, energy healing, birth trauma release, body alignment, prenatal yoga, and prenatal nutrition.


Her postpartum package includes a prenatal planning visit and five postpartum visits, with each visit lasting 1-5 hours. While you focus on self-care practices, Madison will spend time with your baby. She also offers to prepare healing and healthy meal choices with a focus on organic and local-sourced ingredients. When you need support for your mental health, she provides herbs and tinctures as well as walks you through your birth story, allowing for processing. To support your physical health, she offers herbal steaming baths, pelvic steams, and scalp massage. Madison provides energy healing, guided relaxation, active listening, light cleaning, and resources for your fourth trimester. All of this is provided in addition to unlimited communication via text. 

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Indianapolis Doulas


Not intended to take the place of any birthing partner, these Indianapolis doulas are here to support your birthing plan and ensure that you have the best birthing experience possible. Your doula will not offer or provide any medical services during your pregnancy, labor, delivery, or postpartum. And while your doula will not be outspoken or make decisions for you, they can delicately point back to your birthing plan if it goes off track. Doulas work with you before your labor and delivery, to ensure that you feel confident in your decisions and they will provide education on how to advocate for yourselves.


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