The Personalized Experience of an Indianapolis Midwife

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Two pink lines, a blinking hourglass that stops on the word “PREGNANT”, a big “YES +”, or a blue plus sign. No matter the test you used to find out you were expecting, you need a care provider. An Indianapolis midwife provides a reduced chance of a cesarean section, induction, anesthesia, pre-term birth, tearing, and an increased chance for a breastfeeding relationship. The benefits are seemingly endless. As long as your pregnancy is low risk, you have ample choices in your medical providers and the locations where you can labor and give birth. Midwives offer their services in three general areas: at home, at a hospital, or a birthing center.


There are five different types of midwives, all providing a different kind of service. You should not substitute any of the following advice for a medical opinion. I highly recommend only choosing a medical provider that is, at minimum, a Certified Nurse-Midwife (CNM). This type of midwife is licensed and specifically trained in nursing and midwifery. They are required to hold a Bachelor’s degree in nursing. The Indiana State Board of Nursing also requires CNMs to hold a master’s degree and pass a certification exam with the American Midwifery Certification Board to qualify for state licensure. Any midwife listed in this article complies with state standards.


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The Indianapolis Midwife Experience: Inclusive, Empowering, and Transforming


Sacred Roots Birth & Wellness Center

Sacred Roots prides itself on being the only free-standing birth center in central Indiana. It is woman-owned by Angela Lyttle. Sacred Roots is accredited through the American Association of Birth Centers, and The Commission for The Accreditation of Birth Centers, and was awarded “Best Practice” in 2021 by the American College of Nurse-Midwives. They pride themselves on being inclusive and having a diverse clientele. Sacred Roots boasts two central Indianapolis locations.


Sacred Roots highly prioritizes a minimal medical intervention approach to your pregnancy and birth. In such circumstances that intervention is required, a plan of care is made and your midwife will continue with your birth support through the remainder of your delivery. Your prenatal care is carefully and thoughtfully scheduled with the relationship between you and your midwife in mind. Each visit is scheduled for a minimum of 30 minutes to allow you one-on-one time with your midwife. The center offers breastfeeding and childbirth education classes.


During your birth, you can expect vital sign checks for you and your baby. Sacred Roots is ready with hydrotherapy, birthing balls, and nitrous oxide should the need arise for its use during your birth. They are incredibly responsive and available for support during your labor and delivery. Once your newborn makes their debut, you can expect time for bonding immediately.


Your postpartum care includes a home visit in the days following birth as well as visits at the center at one and six weeks. Their care post-delivery prioritizes the mother-child bond. You have ample breastfeeding support directly and in the days after birth including that baby has a good latch, pumping assistance, and how to tell if the baby is getting enough milk.


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Riley Maternity Tower Midwives

Midwives at the Riley Tower offer an alternative to a traditional obstetrics and gynecology approach. Choosing an Indianapolis midwife at the Riley Tower allows women access to state-of-the-art amenities. The care providers here provide childbirth education classes that include Lamaze, Teen Childbirth, and Labor & Birth for LGBTQ Families. Educational classes can also include the newborn basics, first aid, CPR, car seat, and breastfeeding classes. Choose from specialized support groups in breastfeeding, LGBTQ families, Mother Connection, postpartum depression, and Toddler Time.


Mothers delivering with a Riley Tower midwife have access to coffee, room service, a cafe, a market, and local restaurant delivery. Valet parking and the Simon Family Tower garage are available for you and your guests for a fee. You are allotted up to four visitors during labor and siblings must be accompanied by an adult (18+) and are not allowed to stay overnight. 


During labor and delivery, your birthing options may include hydrotherapy (via shower or birthing tub), water birth, and pain management. Pain management offered by the midwives at this Indianapolis location includes birthing balls, nitrous gas, and epidurals. Should the need arise, you have access to Riley’s full obstetric staff.


After your baby is born, midwives offer feeding support inclusive of all options available. If necessary, a lactation consultant is available to provide support in your room. Mothers also have the option to request a breast pump and receive free virtual consultations.


Midwives at Riley Tower have practiced in hospitals, homes, and birth centers. Midwives at this location strive to bring a holistic and women-centered approach to the high level of care that Riley and its partners are known for. You can count on the Riley midwives attending your birth to be inclusive, diverse, and focused on your safety and comfort.


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Indianapolis Midwife

Your Indianapolis midwife places a high priority on your safety, comfort, and care. Most people think of midwifery care as beginning and ending with a pregnancy. However, the modern midwife extends their care before and after pregnancy, offering services to the woman seeking general gynecological needs. A midwife can and does often provide a more intimate experience that feels less clinical. My birth with Sacred Roots Birth and Wellness Center was family-centered, empowering, and personalized for me and my wants. I highly recommend seeking a midwife in Indianapolis for your next birth or general care.


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