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In Indianapolis, families expecting a new addition are spoiled for choice when choosing which photographer will capture those first precious moments. You can find all genres of artistry in Indianapolis newborn photography. Do you want posed images or lifestyle? Are you a fan of bright bold colors or soft neutrals? Do you have other children you want included or is this your first? Are you more comfortable at home or would you prefer a studio? There are so many things to consider that it can be overwhelming- even for the most experienced parent. 


I have been an Indianapolis newborn photographer for over 10 years and I’m going to impart all the secrets to finding the perfect photographer for your newborn. There are questions you’ll have to answer but ultimately, you should choose a photographer whose style, personality, and safety protocols you mesh with the best. There’s nothing more important during your little peanut’s newborn session than their safety. Ensure your newborn photographer understands infant safety and has certifications or protocols to back it up. Posing infants takes time, dedication, and a passionate need for the safety of their clients. 

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About Indianapolis Newborn Photography

Wardrobe & Styling

Indianapolis newborn photographers offer a wealth of styles to choose between. I am passionate and completely impartial when it comes to the tones I prefer for your newborn photography session in Indianapolis. I love soft, understated neutrals because I am firm in the belief that these will stand the test of time. During the planning portions of our session together, you will be provided with my Planning Guide. In the Planning Guide, I show you real-life examples of newborn sessions that speak to my heart. Gentle guidance through choosing all pieces of wardrobe and styling are provided in the Planning Guide. I also utilize the online styling tool, Select & Style as an added benefit to your family.


When pulling together your wardrobe, I list out many of my favorite boutiques to go shopping. Often, it’s difficult to know what you’re going to feel the best in after giving birth so I highly recommend dressing specifically constructed to make you feel comfortable. Our ever-changing bodies during pregnancy can make us feel off our axis and our self-esteem can take a hit. The outfits, and most often dresses, that I recommend will have you feeling like a better more confident, and capable version of yourself. You might not feel like you have your body back to yourself yet and that’s okay! My goal is to make you feel right at home with your body again. Deep breaths, mama. I’ve got you.

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Home Sweet Home

I love scheduling newborn sessions in the comfort of your own home. If for some reason a family prefers to have their session at a studio, you’ll be provided with a few gorgeous options in the greater Indy area. Consultation calls are available so we can peruse through every detail I will need to know. During these calls, I educate every family on what I’ll need for the day of your session. I coach you one-on-one through what times are best for your specific home, what the baby will need for the day of, and how to entice your other little ones to get involved. As a bonus- I require exactly zero cleaning to be done upon my arrival. I have four children. Nothing scares me!


Most often a large, picture window and a neutral-colored wall will serve you just fine. Often, in-home portraits are done in three places: the living room, the nursery, and the primary bedroom. I’ve also been known to find well-lit staircases, kitchens, and hallways that serve my clients just as well. As for items, I ask you to have on hand for portraits- there are none! I don’t require you to purchase anything for your newborn session. That being said, parents love shots in a Moses basket, with baby’s favorite lovey, and I have a few brands of swaddles that I adore. 

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Calm, warm, and down-to-earth. My edits match my personality. I strive to connect with each of my clients, often making friends as I go. The majority of my families will come back time and time again, unable to find another photographer they connect with as well as they do with me. I am genuinely an open book and willing to lend a helping hand whenever I can. I’m truly honored each time I’m chosen as your photographer. I’m grateful to be a small part of your family story and show you what I see when I glimpse into your lives together. 


Being passionate about providing each family with the best service and communication possible, I will return all emails and texts in a timely manner. I regularly offer sessions to single mothers at no cost and participate in local community groups that ask for my services. I enjoy what I do with my whole heart. To me, photography is not just about technical knowledge, editing, or even the final presentation of your artwork. Photography is a way for me to connect to other humans. I love hearing about your family- how you met, how you fell in love, what draws you into one another. My favorite part is, admittedly, getting to know your littles. I’ve had children in my daily life since I was a child. When you emailed and said you have a toddler or little one, chances are excellent that I stood up and did a happy dance.

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There was a time when I posed infants. I do not currently or ever plan to offer that service again. I took multiple safety and newborn posing courses during that time and learned quite a bit. In the end, I found I much preferred the in-between poses. When I’d bring that sweet little one out of a controlled pose to just lie on the pillow, they’d always curl up in the cutest pose. The parents would often exclaim, “Can you get that?! They’re laying just how they did when I was pregnant in the ultrasound photos.” Over time, I learned that my heart and many of my clients were with baby-led posing. 


I’ve been curating baby-led posing techniques in my Indianapolis newborn photography sessions before it was a “thing”. Your infant is always safe and on their back, leaving them with the ability to move freely. If the baby is awake, I do not require them to be put to sleep. I do my best to educate each parent on my best practices for ensuring sleepy time during the session in the Planning Guide. You are more than free to follow or not follow any advice given. If the baby is awake, I am happy and perfectly able to capture beautiful imagery.


If asked, I am happy to swaddle and maneuver their arms and hands into micro poses. I ensure before I ever touch your infant that my hands are clean and free of debris. When it is time to pose baby, I will take a break to wipe down the hotspots of my camera and wash my hands. If asked, I will happily wear a mask in your home. Your baby’s safety is my priority. 

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Indianapolis Newborn Photography


 It can often feel overwhelming to choose between photographers. Indianapolis newborn photography offers you many choices. While you do have some decisions to make regarding style, location, the personality of the photographer, and the safety they can offer- I’m thrilled that you’ve chosen me as one of your options. As a photographer with over 15+ years of working with families just like yours, I proudly offer a one-of-a-kind experience that will have everyone feeling right at home with me. Newborn photography in Indianapolis should be approached with the knowledge and experience of a professional photographer. Much like your wedding, this is a moment in time that can’t be replicated. I would encourage each parent to spend time considering the right photographer for their family, just as they did when they were engaged.


I’m happy to offer my services to families who value photography and, at the end of our time together, want to hang artwork proudly on their walls. I offer a full line of fine art products that will have you swooning in no time at all. My fine art framed prints are made of 100% cotton Hahnemühle archival paper. I offer hardwood frames that are eco-friendly and sustainable sourced by a small family-owned business in the United States. Each framed print is delicately constructed in Tennessee and shipped to your home. I offer a full product guide before booking to view. Let’s connect and talk about how I’m different from other newborn photographers in Indianapolis!


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