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Pregnancy can be strenuous on your body, no matter how well you look after and care for your body. If you’re looking for an Indianapolis prenatal massage center, I have a few wonderful recommendations for you. You deserve the pampering techniques of local Indianapolis massage therapists. Prenatal massage mostly focuses on Swedish massage, a relaxing and calming technique that uses lighter, more gentle strokes and joint tapping. Your strained muscles will thank you for booking your prenatal massage in Indianapolis.

Prenatal massage can help reduce feelings of anxiety, and depression, and relieve aches and pains associated with pregnancy. Indianapolis prenatal massage therapists can also help reduce swelling, improve sleep, and can help prepare your body for labor and delivery. According to The American Pregnancy Association, prenatal massage is generally safe for all stages of pregnancy. As with any medical modalities, please contact your healthcare provider before booking and partaking in a prenatal massage appointment. However, most centers will ask you to note how many weeks pregnant you are when booking so they can provide you with the best option for you.


Indianapolis Prenatal Massage for All Your Aches and Pains

Elements Massage- Indianapolis North

At Elements Massage located in the Clearwater Shoppes Shopping Center, you will find six qualified massage therapists. Elements Massage encourages you to dress for your level of comfort, keeping in mind that all clients will be covered with a sheet and a blanket during your appointment. Elements offers a unique solution for its prenatal massage clients by presenting you with the option to purchase a month-to-month membership. You will find an Elements Massage location near you so you are sure to not waste your monthly appointment/s. As an alternative, your massages can roll over and are held for up to one year. If you are looking to boost your relaxation, de-stress, and find natural pain relief, Elements Massage might be your answer.

This Indianapolis prenatal massage location focuses on Swedish massage as the primary method used during your prenatal appointment. A note from Elements Massage- only therapists with specific training and certifications can perform your prenatal massage. At this center, your prenatal massage is offered to qualifying clients during the first, second, and third trimesters. And don’t forget- the benefits of massage can reach far past your pregnancy. Postpartum massage can have multiple benefits for you and your baby.

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Indy Massage Company

April and Alli, both licensed massage therapists and licensed estheticians own Indy Massage Company. This center also utilizes Swedish massage for your prenatal appointment. You can choose from a side-lying position or a prone position (face-down and while using a special cushion).  During your prenatal massage in a side-lying position, your therapist will have a comfortable appointment, allowing your care provider the best and easiest access to all areas needing attention. If you choose to utilize the cushion, you will have the best support possible for your growing and changing body. When you are experiencing breast pain or discomfort, lower back pain, or hip pain this will be the best option for your massage. At Indy Massage Company, you can choose from 30, 45, 60, and 90-minute prenatal massage appointments.


Lift Therapeutic Massage

Co-founder, owner, and senior therapist Tasha has been passionate about massage since viewing an Oprah special when she was a child. In 2014 she co-founded Lift Therapeutic Massage with her partner, Nicci because they wanted to bring her unique approach to more people. Tasha views massage as a progressive and preventative practice and loves meeting new people. Both are eager to make you feel comforted, cared for and want to rejuvenate your spirits. All therapists are Life Therapeutic Massage are trained in perinatal therapy and utilize different methods of massage during your appointment.

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Indianapolis Prenatal Massage

Indianapolis prenatal massage is your perfect answer to all your aches and pains associated with pregnancy. Each massage therapist will take into consideration all your specific pain points and address them during your appointment. I know there were certainly days during each of my pregnancies when I could have, and sometimes did, benefit from a gentle and healing touch. Your prenatal massage practitioner will generally offer sessions ranging from 60-90 minutes for your appointment. This will allow them to take their time to direct their therapies to your areas of concern.

After you’ve visited a local prenatal massage therapist, I’d love to speak with you about your maternity and newborn portraits. While I offer single Signature sessions for each of these special, once-in-a-lifetime moments in time, most clients love to take advantage of my Membership session package. In the Membership, you can choose up to four sessions for the first year. Generally, that would include maternity, newborn, a milestone, and a one-year session. I specialize in providing families with high-end, luxury artwork for their homes such as framed fine art prints and fine art albums.


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