Indianapolis Toy Stores with Whimsically Playful Selections

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It’s the middle of the night, and you hear a strange noise coming from your child’s room. You walk yourself through every conceivable idea. Are they sleep-talking? Did the dog sneak in? Is it an intruder? Or is your house haunted by a hundred-year-old vengeful soul? You tiptoe in, shine the flashlight of your phone onto the floor and discover…the toy your child got for their birthday last year is running out of batteries and decides to let everybody know about it. As parents, we’ve all been haunted by an annoying toy (or ten). This is why every family should find a toy store with a selection curated with high-quality toys that don’t keep you awake. If you’ve been looking to upgrade your child’s current selection, I’d love to tell you about the best Indianapolis toy stores to help you find peace. 

3 Indianapolis Toy Stores with Imaginative & Innovative Toy Selections

Monon Toys & Crafts

If you’re tired of plastic junk plaguing the nursery, you will love Monon Toys & Crafts positively. This adorable shop comprises eco-friendly, sustainable toys built to engage your child’s imagination while providing hours of play. 

They design their toys to be beautiful. Moreover, you can find Montessori toolboxes, mice in race cars, and wooden puzzles. The shop has an impressive book selection with titles your child will want to read again and again. You can check them out at 6510 Cornell Avenue.

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Happy Hen Toys

If you have a future zoologist or paleontologist on your hands, Happy Hen Toys is for you. This store contains animal figurines so your child can create their own little world. The store carries huge selections from brands such as Schleich, Papo, Collecta, Safari Ltd., Mojo, Playmobil, and Breyer. 

You’ll be able to find anything from fantasy figures to tiny yet realistic golden retrievers. The shop also carries Brio trains to round out your child’s collection. You can visit them at 5335 N. Tacoma Ave.

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Kits & Kaboodle Classic Toys

Kits & Kaboodle Classic Toys knows the importance of letting your child get lost in their imagination. The shop sells high-quality toys to encourage just that! They carry musical instruments for infants from Fat Brain Toys, vintage-inspired Fisher Price telephones, and DIY mosaics from Djeco. Furthermore, their imaginative toy selection is full of figurines, dollhouse accessories, and dress-up outfits to let your child have their own fun. 

And if you have a Lego fanatic in your family, look no further. Kits & Kaboodle sells everything from beginner Duplo sets to the adult botanical series. You can see them at 723 Hanover Place in nearby Carmel.

Indianapolis Toy Stores

If you’ve been tired of junk cluttering your child’s toy box, it’s time to find a toy store that provides better solutions. With any of these Indianapolis toy stores, you’ll have a great selection of imaginative toys that don’t make you want to hire an exorcist.

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