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Lisa Lahey, IBCLC is a staple in most local Indianapolis mom’s groups. In my favorite Facebook moms group, Lisa is the top (and often only) recommendation for moms struggling with breastfeeding. More specifically, lip and tongue ties. She meets the strict qualifications of an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) and holds a graduate degree in Nursing. She is additionally board-certified with the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. Lisa has taken it upon herself to complete many additional training sessions that make her a valuable member of your healthcare team. She is an active board member of many different relevant associations as well.


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About Lisa Lahey, IBCLC


Lisa is known in her local community for being a kind and generous aid to new mothers. She is a published author who brings her wealth of 25+ years of experience to every phone call, Facebook post, and in-person meeting. Lisa presents mothers with a menu of options that include prenatal consultations, home visits, office visits, phone calls, and virtual visits. She offers private classes like Prenatal Breastfeeding, TummyTime, Infant Massage, and Starting Solid Foods. Lisa accepts insurance, HSA/FSA, and credit cards. She is in the network for Lactation Network (Anthem and Cigna).



Lisa hopes her lactation services as a nurse practitioner, IBCLC, and myofunctional therapist will reach families needing additional support. Complex breastfeeding issues like tongue and lip ties, nipple pain, clogged ducts, low or oversupply, twins, cleft lip and palate, and various dysfunctions can confuse even the most experienced mother. Lisa seeks to solve the root of the problem and bring a holistic approach to each of her clients. She regularly uses clinical techniques and holistic remedies like infant massage, herbs, and homeopathy to her recommendations.

For initial meetings, you should expect to visit with Lisa for 1-1.5 hours to allow for plenty of time to take a complete medical history, a list of all pregnancies and births, and any of your needs and concerns. Additionally, you should expect an oral and breast exam, if applicable.

Lisa also presents herself as an authority during her speaking engagements. She is passionate about sharing her abundance of knowledge with mothers, professional organizations, medical staff, and those looking for additional training as an IBCLC. She co-teaches “Advanced Clinical Care and Concepts in Lactation Therapy.” Her website lists the registration and info available.


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As part of her generous spirit, Lisa lists other breastfeeding resources on her site with top links pointing to KellyMom, MOBI Motherhood International, La Leche League meetings in the greater Indianapolis area, Breastfeeding USA, and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Lisa is active on her social media channels, providing support and guidance to mothers needing breastfeeding advice from an IBCLC. She is a trusted and reliable resource to many in the Indianapolis and surrounding area.

Lisa offers specialized services like frenectomies for infants under four weeks old and those with lingual tie restrictions (class 1 and 2). She provides pediatric well-visits to babies fresh out of the womb up to 2 years of age. Touted as a top clinician in Indiana for Myofunctional Therapy, Lisa screens each patient carefully to construct a custom care plan that will include re-training the tongue to lie in the correct spot and help with tasks like breathing, swallowing, chewing, and speaking. Each care plan will vary based on the severity of the training necessary.


a newborn lays awake and happy in his safari themed crib Lisa Lahey IBCLC

Lisa Lahey, IBCLC

Lisa Lahey, IBCLC is a treasure trove of experience, widely available to mothers and patients in areas of Indianapolis and also Fishers, Greenfield, Zionsville, Carmel, and Greenwood. Mothers can count on Lisa to provide five-star service and support. Past patients and their families note that life is a “lifesaver”, “compassionate”, “supportive”, and “responsive”. You will leave her care with plenty of tools for your breastfeeding journey and beyond. She will ensure you are thriving and on your way to breastfeeding success, an important way to bond with and feed your baby.


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