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Step in and savor the toys at Monon Toys and Crafts. In 2021, Alla Kapchunova opened a one-of-a-kind toy experience in Broad Ripple, Indiana. Offering a different toy shopping experience than big-box toy and grocery stores, Alla prides herself on presenting parents with eco-friendly and sustainable play solutions. Her degree in psychology brings with it an ability to look at the world of play in a whole new light. She spends time thinking about each item they stock, questioning and ensuring that they all fit her vision for playtime. The toys selected for presentation and consumption at Monon Toys and Crafts are designed to be durable and also be passed down to future generations. There’s something really special about playing with a toy that your parents or older cousins once enjoyed.


About Monon Toys and Crafts


Monon Toys and Crafts offers only the best in quality when it comes to deciding which toy will make it to your child’s toy chest. With the holiday season coming upon us and with birthdays for loved ones year-round, Alla’s selections are sure to have your head spinning with wonder and excitement. As you enter this special toy store, you’ll blissfully transport to a world of magic and whimsy. Let yourself imagine as you take it the bright colors, beautifully carved wooden toys, soft and stuffed creatures, and delicate toy sets.

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With wholesome and inspiring toy brands like BAJO, Maileg, Wee Gallery, HABA, and other international brands– there is so much to do and see inside Monon Toys. Each toy’s price matches the level of artistry and work that goes into making the toy. Imaginations will work in overdrive as your little loves explore wooden toolbox kits, doctor’s sets, a beautiful puppet theater, and carved wooden animals. You won’t find flimsy, easily breakable, or plastic toys here. You want and need toys that your children will treasure. Monon Toys is your answer to the frustration of trying to find the perfect toys that will spark creative play time and time again.


Toys and baby items are abundant at Monon Toys and Crafts. Little ones will love the selection of toys that rattle, crinkle, cuddle, and hold their favorite pacifier. Another gorgeous find is the dolls from Minikane and Olliella. They have been expertly crafted with your child in mind. Help get your little one ready for Kindergarten with colorful threading shoes, an educational wall clock, alphabet block sets, and books created for stimulation. Creative kits will have their little minds enamored. On your next visit, look for activity kits for weaving, needlepoint, embroidery, paint by number, and playing dough.



Russian-born owner Alla seeks to present parents and loved ones with options for intentional play. She focuses her buying efforts on supporting organic, chemical-free, and sustainable toy makers. Alla fills her shelves and cases with product lines that you can be proud to support. In addition to international brands, you will be able to find toys sourced locally, in Indiana.


Exquisitely carved wooden animals, plants, blocks, and pull toys will enthrall every toy enthusiast. Monon stocks soft, stuffed toys for every age and size. Find cheetahs, monkeys, kittens, chinchillas, and dolls for your stuffed animal-loving child. You will also find gorgeous tea sets, Dinkums, Montessori-style sets, puzzles, books, plush stuffies, magnetic dress up, jewelry boxes, and games for your indoor-bound child. Additionally, handmade crochet market bags and blankets with pompoms are available at this shop.

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Monon Toys and Crafts


Monon Toys and Crafts is conveniently along the Monon Trail in Broad Ripple. Go for ice cream at BRICS after your visit. Toys and ice cream? Sounds like a perfect day for a kid! Your little one’s childhood moves quickly. Stroll down to Monon Toys and Crafts to find a toy to slow down time, even if only for a few hours. This Indy toy store even has a craft area set up for your little ones to create a new piece of artwork and build with some of their favorite blocks. Toys at Monon Toys and Crafts inspire storytelling, creativity, and imaginative play.


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