A Wonder-Filled Moonshot Toys Experience

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Since 2018, Moonshot Toys regularly dazzles greater Indianapolis families with its games and toys for all ages and abilities. This Indianapolis toy store serves up classic and innovative toys and games. They offer a hands-on and exciting shopping experience in their Noblesville, Indiana store. This unique and entertaining shop delivers one-of-a-kind sensory encounters for those shopping for collectibles, popular toys, and specialty items. 


About Moonshot Toys 


As a sister store to its wildly successful predecessor, Moonshot Games, this emporium allows children to test out games, and toys, and fill up on the jelly bean wall while asking questions until their little hearts are content. Each team member offers up knowledge and experience in the world of toys. There are nuggets of fun in every corner, upon every shelf. This is one place you can bring your kids and not hear the dreaded “I’m bored…” Look for exciting, limited edition events like Pokemon camp, S.T.E.A.M. camp, Parents Night Out, and Magic Celebration Events. 


The interior of Moonshot Toys will awe you as soon as you step through the door. The vibrancy and brightness of their selections will grab your eye as you wander through the different sections. Visit the Jelly Belly wall, stuffed to capacity with over 20 flavors. Little ones and big ones alike will enjoy hopping from one toy test space to another. 

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Moonshot Toys, a Noblesville toy store, offers plenty of board games. When shopping online, you can filter your search by the number of players. This toy store has sections on its website for popular interactive games like Magic the Gathering, Pokémon, Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer, and other role-playing games. 


For their fans that prefer popular toy choices, Moonshot offers an alternative to grocery store shopping by carrying big names like LEGO, Melissa and Doug, Hot Wheels, NERF, Barbie, Calico Critters, Star Wars, and Funko POP! Classic toy lovers will enjoy their assortment of toys like Simon, Etch-A-Sketch, Rockem Sockem Robots, Lite-Brite, and Mr. Potato Head.


Do you enjoy playing with your food? At Moonshot you can enjoy candy bubbles, sand buckets, gummy gators, and Funables Tic-Tac-Toe. Novelty candy is their jam and I’m on my way to get the Ted Lasso tin of candy. 


Our family adores the Wild Republic stuffed animals and, lucky for us, they carry a complete line of perfectly-squishable and realistic creatures. Speaking of squishy things- Squishables and Squishmallows. We probably don’t need another squishy stuffie but, too often, I find myself unable to resist just one more. My boys adore LEGO and Moonshot Toys offers an extensive line (and 24 online pages) of products I’ve never seen before!



Look out for exciting, limited edition events like Pokemon camp, S.T.E.A.M. camp, Parents Night Outs, and weekly Magic the Gathering Events. Moonshot Toys enjoys bringing together people from all walks of life that enjoy games and toys. During the winter holiday season, check out their 12 Days of Moonshot, photo booth, and Stuff Your Stocking where they partner with other local Noblesville, Indiana businesses.


Enjoy browsing specialty lines like Green Toy, made from 100% Recycled Products that are made specifically for the toddler in your life. Mojo Figurines feature hand-painted wildlife figures from a range of habits across the world. Studiostone Creative offers soapstone carving and jewelry kits. Don’t skip the Jelly Belly wall of jelly beans!


Check out their special categories of toys like those for the outdoors, educational & STEM, and books. Their outdoor toys include offerings like a NASA moon ball, pickleball, bean bag toss, croquet, and an American Ninja Warrior Competition Set. Their education and STEM toys highlight brands such as Ravensburger, ThinkFun, Blue Orange, and Zygomatic. 

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Moonshot Toys

In a world of grocery store toy shopping trips and giant online conglomerates, shop Moonshot Toys. I am the biggest fan of shopping locally wherever possible. I already know where most of my kids’ presents will come from this year. With their unique, fun, and innovative offerings, I know I can find something for all the kids I love. With a new niece and nephew, I’ll try not to buy all of the 0-24 Months toys and items they sell before you can get there yourself.


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