Meet Your Baby at Sneak Peek Ultrasound in Greenwood, Indiana

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When I found out I was pregnant with my fourth child, a visit to Sneak Peek Ultrasound in Greenwood, IN was top of my list. As I stared at those two pink lines on the tiny screen, it made everything so real.  All the “big three”, as I’d affectionately call them from that point on, in our family were out of diapers and in school. But the moment we all found out, our hearts were stolen by those two lines. For me, I knew I’d soon feel the flutters and then the kicks. I’d be able to sing and talk and dance and connect with this baby. But everyone else was feeling a bit left out. That’s where Sneak Peek entered the conversation. We all made a trip down to the center to find we were all expecting a little boy.


About Sneak Peek Ultrasound

Sneak Peek Ultrasound is local and woman-owned by Shaena. A coffee bar and small gift shop are located just to your right as you enter. Once indoors, you are greeted with friendly and modern decor. Notice the sign in the lobby that lists some common old wives’ tales. You will be pleased to notice each room is outfitted with a comfortable bed and bench for your additional guests. Your comfortable, live-viewing experience begins in 2D (black and white). As the baby is measured, your experience moves to 4D imaging, if applicable. The little ones in your home are going to love the optional purchase of a heartbeat bear at the end.

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Once you arrive at 8 weeks of pregnancy, you can opt to choose a DNA blood test, handled by a professional phlebotomist. Your results from the test go directly to your inbox within 1-2 days. Also with the test, you have a discount on future “Gender Peek” sessions. You choose from packages that will often include them putting your 4D imaging to music. With almost every package, you hear your baby’s sweet heartbeat. If you can’t make it over to Greenwood, Indiana they have another location conveniently located in Plainfield, Indiana.



Your pregnancy is relatively short so this center works hard to take advantage of that time to provide you with memories that will last a lifetime. Able to choose from 8 different packages and multiple add-ons, you are spoiled for choice. Your ultrasound is conducted on a piece of state-of-the-art equipment. While your doctor’s office can and sometimes does provide 3D ultrasound technology as a part of your 20-week anatomy scan, the time offered can feel rushed and limited. You are allowed much more time at Sneak Peek and can invite any number of guests.

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Sneak Peek Ultrasound

When preparing for your appointment, you should (as always during pregnancy) be hydrated and drink plenty of water- even up to 3-7 days before your scan. You should ensure you are plenty hydrated to allow for better images. It would be helpful for you to have a snack with some sugar or a small amount of caffeine. I know we’re all concerned once the infant arrives that this tiny human won’t cooperate with our plans but it starts in the womb! Sneak Peek Ultrasound wants you to know that if your little one doesn’t cooperate, you will be given an additional appointment, free of charge within 4 weeks of your original appointment.


Sneak Peek comes with my highest recommendation. As you move forward in your pregnancy and start to plan for maternity and newborn portraits, I’d love for you to keep me in mind. I’m an Indianapolis photographer with 15+ years of experience with pregnant mothers and newborns. I understand the importance of posing and lighting for prenatal and postpartum mothers. I’d love for you to reach out so we can chat about how I’m different from the rest of the crowd. Talk soon!

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