Your Ultimate Guide to Splash Parks in Carmel, Indiana

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 It’s hot out and if you have little ones who aren’t ready for the big pool, a splash park in Carmel, Indiana might just be the ticket. Perfectly curated for children who are either afraid of large bodies of water or for those who aren’t ready to jump in the deep end, spray grounds are the answer to getting outdoors in the summer. With high heat and, let’s not forget about the humidity, Indiana families searching for a splash park in Carmel will be thrilled with this list. In addition, splash grounds offer a unique, fun, and exciting experience for little ones each summer. Get your kiddo’s minds and bodies moving by visiting each of these parks this season!


Snack Ideas for the Park

  • Fresh-cut fruits and vegetables
  • Trail mix
  • Protein shakes
  • Dried fruits
  • Organic gummies
  • Cured meats, cheese, and crackers
  • Granola bars
  • Popcorn


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A Splash Park in Carmel, Indiana Will Cool You Down


Central Park

1235 Central Park Drive East

Carmel, IN 46032


Central Park in Carmel, IN is always an exciting hub of activity as the Monon Greenway runs directly in the middle of this park. This splash pad offers its grounds nestled up to the playground on site. The sprayers mimic the surrounding environment, taking on the shapes of different animals, flowers, and cattails. Carmel Clay Recreation is passionate about the eco-friendly waste and water management techniques it utilizes. The Central Park spray ground takes advantage of this commitment and also offers a family-friendly way to beat the heat. Woven throughout the splash pad are shades that children can duck under for a bit of relief from the sunshine.


These grounds are perfect for younger and older children. With my family’s expanse in age (10 years between my youngest and oldest), this pad would have been perfect when they were younger. There are small splash areas designated for your little ones as well as larger splash features that will keep the older ones active searching for more and more water! With shaded seating, bathrooms close by, and an expansive grounds area, it will take an afternoon for your family to enjoy this splash park!


West Park

2700 West 116th Street

Carmel, IN 46032


Offering a unique take on a spray ground, West Park’s perfectly placed boulders give your little ones a chance to perform on their obstacle course or sit and take a rest from the heat. Fountains shoot into the sky in the center of the pad and the water flows towards a bridge. This spray pad is reminiscent of towering mountain walls and the roaring currents of the canyons. Your kids’ imaginations will soar and find new heights of wonder here because of the design.


Try this game together! Pretend you’re all in a large boat, cruising the bottom of a mountain. Play, “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” and find the bear! Then, cruise along the tops of the waves and wind around caverns as you seek more animals.


Finally, after all that energy has been expended, take a beat and enjoy a meal together. Whether you bring a small snack or a themed meal, be sure to engage your kids in conversation. Ask them questions and take their responses to heart. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll find out that they’re more like you than you thought!


Lawrence W. Inlow Park

6310 East Main Street

Carmel, IN 46033


At Lawrence W. Inlow Park, red is the color of the season. With tanks of water pushing through red hydrants, sprayers, and pumps there is no shortage of water at this spray ground. This pad is full of fun and intrigue as you can pass through interactive sprayers, fountains, and drenchers. There’s even a mushroom dome to stand under that will surely cool you off. This splash pad is blocked on the edges with plenty of benches as well as a shelter and grills!


With a giant slide, a tunnel, and a large bucket there are plenty of ways to interact and find water at this spray park. While your big kids are off creating their adventure, your little ones will adore the small splash station created just for them. Are your little adventurers too? They’ll love exploring small sprayers throughout the park with a guided hand.

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Splash Park in Carmel, Indiana

The best things to pack for a splash park will always include plenty of cool water, sunscreen, towels, swimsuits, a change of clothes, and plenty of diapers and wipes. Additionally, be sure to pack a first aid kit for any bumps, bruises, bites, or stings. These small incidents can sometimes catch parents unaware. As a result of not being prepared, it can ensure a swift end to a fun day. Sunglass or goggles might help your babes who want some extra protection for their faces. 

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Ways to connect with your child this season at a splash park in Carmel, Indiana:

  • Encourage them to gather other littles to play a game of “Duck Duck Goose”
  • Let them be your boss for the day
  • Become a part of their world and let your inner child shine
  • Ensure this is a positive experience and don’t push them into things they’re not ready to try
  • Share a meal at a picnic table
  • Learn a kid-friendly sea shanty and sing it together. Try “The Wellerman” or “Blow the Man Down”


Looking for more ways to connect? I specialize in helping families connect during our portrait session. Having worked with young children for over 20 years and as a professional photographer for more than 15 years, I have a unique perspective on the intersection of parenting and photography. I am the photographer for you if you love: bonding with your babies, intimate moments with your partner, and finding ways to preserve these moments for generations.


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